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DJ Downtown

DJ Downtown, aka co-owner James Brown, serves as TBI’s primary DJ. James’ talent for mixing, paired with his deep passion for music and highly-energized spirit, brings unmatched life to any event! The Brown Initiative offers a wide variety of DJ packages and add-ons, which include specialty lights, MC services, live music fusions, and more! From birthday parties to school dances to weddings and other special events, TBI is your one-stop shop for entertainment!

Click here​ for bookings, inquiries, and other information.

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Up(town)coming Gigs

April 29, 2023: Wedding


May 16, 2023: Private Event

June 17, 2023: Wedding

July 15, 2023: Private Event

August 19, 2023: Wedding

October 7, 2023: Wedding

October 21, 2023: Wedding

June 22, 2024: Wedding

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